Collection: Infant and Child Urns

Eternal Urns is honoured to provide a loving and beautiful collection of infant cremation urns, thoughtfully designed to commemorate the precious memory of your little one. We understand the profound grief that accompanies the loss of a child and are committed to offering a comforting and supportive environment as you choose the perfect resting place.

Our child urns come in a range of high-quality materials, providing lasting and durable options that honour your child's memory. With a wide range of designs, from classic and elegant to delicate and tender, you will find the perfect cremation urn to reflect your child's unique spirit and personality.

At Eternal Urns, all of our infant urns are made with the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship, ensuring that each cremation urn offers a fitting and heartfelt tribute to your child's memory. Explore our full collection and find solace in finding a fitting final home for your beloved little one.