Discover the perfect cremation urn for your loved one with one of our many themed urns. Almost every conceivable hobby, lifestyle or idea can be found on this page. Whether they loved soccer, fishing or were your family's funny comedian, Eternal Urns has you covered with an cremation urn that will uniquely represent them.

From premium cremation urns to sports cremation urns, from car urns to angel urns and anything in between, we are sure you will find something perfect for them here. All of our cremation urns are made to high standards and are built to last you a lifetime. If you are looking for something in particular and can’t find it. Email us at and we will do our best to help you out.

Losing a loved one is hard but we want to make your experience purchasing a cremation urn that will be perfect for them as easy and simple as possible. Discover the perfect cremation urn for them today.

  • Colourful blue with gold trimming cloisonne urn

    Cloisonné Urns

    Discover the vibrant and rich world of our cloisonné urns, where the vivid colours and intricate patterns of this ancient art form come to life.

  • red urn in japanese style

    Japanese Urns

    Discover the serene beauty of our Japanese Urns collection at Eternal Urns and embrace the elegance and tranquillity of Japanese design.

  • Pink urn with my little pony inspired drawing

    Unicorn Urns

    Once upon a time, in a world where magic and wonder abound, there lived a majestic creature known as the unicorn. Now you can see them on an urn.

  • Wooden box urn with guitar and amp on top

    Guitar Urns

    Our collection of guitar urns celebrate and honour the guitar lovers who have made a lasting impact on our lives. Take a look at our collection.

  • Blue urn with painted red and white lighthouse

    Lighthouse Urns

    In the twilight of life, where memories and emotions intertwine, we can find solace and guidance through the darkness of grief in the illuminating beacon of a lighthouse.

  • Funny Urns

    Step into a world of delightful whimsy with our collection of funny urns. Honour your loved ones memory in a clever and humorous way.

  • Urn with White Truck on top

    Truck Urns

    As we pay tribute to those whose engines have fallen silent, our truck urns serve as a loving reminder of the miles travelled together.

  • Urn with gloved hand placing golf ball on tee

    Golf Urns

    On the fairways of life, we walk hand in hand with our loved ones, sharing laughter and camaraderie as we navigate the greens. Our golf urns collection is one to inspire.

  • White urn with red cardinal bird

    Cardinal Urns

    The cardinal is a symbol of spiritual connection and renewal and cardinal urns are some of the most popular vessels for storing loved ones’ ashes.

  • Red and black toolbox urn

    Mechanic Urns

    Our mechanic urns collection tells a tale of its own, embodying the spirit of tireless hours spent tinkering under the hood and the love for all things geared and greasy.

  • Wooden box with parent and baby elephant

    Elephant Urns

    Our collection of elephant urns offers a unique way to memorialise your loved one. Elephants symbolise strength, wisdom and loyalty, making them a fitting tribute.

  • Wolf Urns

    The wolf is a symbol of strength, loyalty and family and you can immortalise the memory of your loved one with our exquisite range of wolf-themed urns.

  • Black box with black car on top

    Car Urns

    We all have that friend or family member who just can't get enough of their cars – and we're here to help you celebrate those motor maniacs in style.

  • Red, purple and aqua scaled pearlescent urn

    Mermaid Urns

    Enjoy our collection of beautifully designed mermaid urns, featuring gorgeous colours to create a truly unique and touching urn. Take a look today.

  • Football Urns

    We find comfort in the memories and passions that brought us together. Our football-themed urns are designed to honour those cherished memories.

  • Silver rugby ball on wooden stand urn

    Rugby Urns

    Looking for a way to honour your rugby-mad loved one? Look no further than our range of rugby urns! There are plenty of different designs for you to discover.

  • Silver viking longship on wooden box urn

    Viking Urns

    Looking for an extraordinary way to honour your loved ones' departure to Valhalla? Take a look at our incredible Viking urns to reflect their strength, courage and spirit?

  • Silver locomotive on top of wooden box urn

    Train Urns

    At Eternal Urns, we are proud to present our distinguished collection of train urns, meticulously crafted for the discerning individual with a passion for the railroad.

  • Blue urn with gold infinity symbol

    Infinity Urns

    The infinite bond we share with our loved ones cannot be measured by time or space. Our infinity urns represent the permanency of the human spirit.

  • Owl Urns

    Our collection of owl urns is designed to offer you a unique and heartfelt way to commemorate the life of someone dear to you.

  • Teddy Bear Urns

    Our range of teddy bear urns offers a gentle, heartfelt way to cherish your loved one's memory. Take a look at our huge range of teddy bear urns.

  • Blue urn with eagle

    Eagle Urns

    Eternal Urns is incredibly proud of our amazing selection of eagle urns that are perfect for paying tribute to a loved one known for their free spirit.

  • Wooden box urn with angled white line

    Box Urns

    In the quiet hush of remembrance, we find solace in the gentle embrace of memories. See our boxed urn collection here, featuring many different designs.

  • Aeroplane Urns

    Whether they loved to travel or were heavily passionate on all things aviation, our aeroplane urns are the right choice for them.

  • Creamy white urn with green dragon head

    Dragon Urns

    Step into a world of adventure and fantasy with our captivating collection of dragon urns. Discover the range of fire-breathing creatures now.

  • Bird Urns

    Embrace the joyful spirit of our lively collection of bird urns, celebrating the vibrant energy and playfulness of our feathered friends.

  • black motorcycle helmet urn

    Motorcycle Urns

    Embrace the open road with our awesome collection of motorcycle urns, designed to honour the free-spirited and adventurous souls who lived life to the fullest.

  • pink and purple butterfly shaped urn

    Butterfly Urns

    Presenting our collection of butterfly urns, where the beauty of transformation and renewal provides a comforting reminder of the neverending cycle of life.

  • Black urn with engraving

    Engraved Urns

    Our engraved urns are designed to help you celebrate your loved one's memory in a unique and heartfelt way. Shop now to see what designs suit you.

  • Pink wave textured urn with silver florentine detailing

    Urns for Women

    Women who have graced our lives are nothing short of extraordinary. We are proud to offer a collection of urns for women.

  • white urn with silver angel attached on side

    Angel Urns

    Embrace the ethereal beauty of our angel urns, where celestial beings watch over your loved one's eternal rest. Discover the range now.

  • Black and turquoise urn with gold accented moon and sun

    Crescent Urns

    Our crescent urns symbolise the eternal cycle of life, embodying the notion that even as the moon waxes and wanes, the memories of our loved ones remain.

  • Stuffed dog animal urn

    Stuffed Animal Urns

    Embrace the tenderness of our stuffed animal urns collection, where softness and sentimentality come together to offer a unique way to remember your loved one.

  • Boat Urns

    Find the perfect urn for your loved one with our Boat Urn collection. For the sailor who you would spend his best days on the sea or by the lake.

  • Black and gold brass urn with flower patterns

    Beautiful Urns

    Find the most extraordinary and aesthetically pleasing urns with our beautiful urns collection. Hand picked by us to give you the best looking options.

  • Purple urn with hummingbird

    Hummingbird Urns

    Welcome to the enchanting world of our hummingbird urns collection, where the captivating beauty of these tiny birds takes centre stage.

  • Green urn with gold tree of life image

    Tree Urns

    Trees have long been celebrated as symbols of growth, strength and renewal, providing a meaningful and comforting way to remember those who have passed.

  • blue urn with dolphin

    Dolphin Urns

    Our collection of dolphin urns celebrates the majestic beauty and symbolism of dolphins in unique memorial vessels. Shop the collection now.

  • Blue waterfall tear shaped urn with heart in the middle

    Unique Urns

    Eternal Urns believes that every person is a work of art, and our unique urn collection reflects this truth. See what we have in store now.

  • Silver pewter style urn with etched leaves

    Homemade Urns

    There is something deeply comforting about homemade items. They are expressions of love and care and represent the thoughtfulness of friends and family.

  • horse head bust urn

    Horse Urns

    Welcome to the horse urns collection at Eternal Urns, where we celebrate the enduring bond between humans and horses. Discover the collection today.

  • Blue shiny orb urn on gold and wooden stand

    Modern Urns

    The world of design and form is ever-evolving, and we believe that the beauty of modernity should be reflected in the memorials we choose for our loved ones.

  • Blue urn with silhouette of a fisherman and their rod on a lake

    Fishing Urns

    One of Australia's favourite pastimes. What better way to remember your loved one then by getting them a fishing urn, discover yours today.

  • Soccer Urns

    Find your golden goal with our soccer urn collection. These soccer urns are perfect for all the passionate lovers for the great game.

  • Yellow and gold urn with silver detailed floral patterns

    Floral Urns

    Find the perfect flower to remember your loved one by with our floral urns collection. Inspired by the floral beauty, these urns are sure to honour them.

  • Black and gold brass urn with floral and nature patterns

    Premium Urns

    Discover the most luxurious urns on the market with our premium urns collection. Spare no expense with the highest quality urns available.

  • Sports Urns

    Whether they loved football, rugby or soccer, get them the perfect urn to fit their favourite hobby with our sports urns collection.