Collection: Golf Urns

On the fairways of life, we walk hand in hand with our loved ones, sharing laughter and camaraderie as we navigate the greens. Our golf cremation urns collection at Eternal Urns captures the spirit of the game, providing a heartfelt tribute to those who have completed their final round.

Our golf urn collection is created and compiled with the utmost care, serving as a lasting and fitting tribute to a dearly departed golfer. The collection offers a diverse range of designs, styles, colours and materials, ensuring that you will find the perfect golf cremation urn to honour your loved one's memory. 

We know it's never easy to say goodbye, but our golf urns are a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a dearly departed friend or family member. Browse our full collection today and let our golf urns take you to the fairways of your memories, where the grass is always green and the sun is always shining.