Eternal Urns Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Eternal Urns frequently asked questions page. This FAQ was made to answer the most common questions we receive in regards to our urns. If you still have a question that is not covered in this section, feel free to contact us at and we will answer any questions you may have.

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What is an Urn?

An urn is a funerary receptacle made to hold the cremation ashes of a deceased loved one. Urns are normally made of aluminium but can also be made from other materials such as brass and wood. Urns have been in use for thousands of years and are a great way to commemorate the life of those we love after they pass. You can learn more about urns and what is an urn in the article we have written on the subject.

What Urn Size Should I Buy?

Most of our standard sized urns are designed to hold the ashes of anyone up to 90 kilos. If for whatever reason you end up having too much ash, you can always scatter the remainder or store them in other keepsake urns. For more information you can consult our urn sizing guide.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Eternal Urns offers express shipping on every order as we know how important it is to take care of your loved one in a timely manner. Our time frames that you can expect for most orders are as follows.

Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney: 1-2 business days

VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT, TAS: 2-5 business days

WA, NT: 2-7 business days

Can I Track my Order?

You will be able to track your order through Auspost. The tracking link will be sent through to your email address after you complete your purchase.

Do you Ship Internationally

We only ship and sell to customers Australia wide at the moment.

Will the Funeral Home Let me Use my Own Urn?

Yes. Every funeral home should let you supply your own urn. You can even purchase an urn after the cremation as the ashes will be provided to you normally in a plastic cremation container.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Ashes After a Cremation

While every funeral home and crematorium will have their own policies and procedures, the time it will take for you to receive your ashes should be around 48 hours after the cremation is complete. It is important to check with your cremation provider to see exactly when you will receive the ashes. If you need more information, see our article on how long it takes to receive cremation ashes.

Can I Return my Order if I Change my Mind?

Eternal Urns values our customers' experience and satisfaction with our service as a top priority. If for whatever reason you would like to exchange or return your order, we do provide refunds if the item is returned in an undamaged and saleable condition. You can read more about our refunds and exchanges policy here. If you need to enquire about a return, email us at and we'll be happy to help you out.

What is Cremation Jewellery?

Cremation jewellery is jewellery made to carry the ashes of your loved one. Cremation jewellery can be worn on any occasion and is a beautiful and subtle way to carry your loved one with you.

How do I Put the Ashes Inside my Cremation Jewellery?

All of our cremation jewellery comes with a handy ash placement kit that will allow you to easily put the ashes inside. Placing ashes into cremation jewellery can be tricky however and should be done in a clean environment without distractions.

What is a Keepsake Urn?

Keepsake urns are very small urns designed to hold a small amount of your loved ones ashes. You can purchase multiple keepsake urns to give to family members or friends who may be further away and want to have a part of the person's ashes. They can also be carried around or held in your home as a small commemorative item to remind you of your loved one. Keepsake urns aren't designed to hold all of the ashes so you may elect to purchase a regular sized urn or scatter the remainder with a scattering tube.

What is a Scattering Tube?

A scattering tube is an ergonomic and easy way to transport your loved ones ashes to their favourite place to scatter them. Scattering tubes are perfect options for those wishing to scatter their loved ones ashes.