How Long Does it Take to get Ashes After a Cremation?

Ornate brown leaf urn on left with analogue clock on rightWhen it comes to after life practices, a lot of people have many questions regarding the topic. This can especially be true when it is their first time engaging with such a topic. Cremation has now overtaken traditional funeral burials in Australia as many Aussies are now looking towards the benefits of cremation over burial. With such an increase in cremation comes an increase in cremation related questions and so we here at Eternal Urns will be answering one particularly common question: How long does it take to get ashes after a cremation? 

First steps

Before a cremation can even take place both a death certificate and a cremation application need to be filed with the appropriate party. This will normally be handled by your funeral director but you may need to provide certain important documents of the deceased. These can include the birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificates in order to register the death. You can register the death online, however it varies between states and territories for which site you will go to. This is normally handled by the funeral director though, so check with them in order to see what your responsibilities are and what information you need to provide. 

The process

The cremation can begin once all of the paperwork has been filed. The cremation process itself is a very fascinating one, which can be a whole topic on its own. While each crematorium is different, the process normally takes about 3 hours to fully complete. The ashes will usually be ready for collection within 48 hours. It is important to check with your funeral director or crematorium as they will have a more precise time for you to expect a collection. 

What to do with ashes?

After the recieving your loved ones ashes, many people decide to purchase an urn in which to store their loved ones ashes and display them in their homes. Others will choose to bury their loved ones ashes, either in a biodegradable or a traditional urn. Some even choose to scatter their ashes in their loved ones' favourite place, such as the beach or at their favourite park. Cremation jewellery has become a very popular way of keeping your loved ones' ashes close to your heart. They are essentially pieces of jewellery designed to hold a small amount of ash or hair inside them in an inconspicuous way. Whatever it is that you decide to do with their ashes, we have a solution for you here at Eternal Urns. 

We hope you have found this article helpful, as you now know what to expect after the death of your loved one. It is important to know when you will receive the ashes as this will help in your planning of what to do with them. Losing someone close to you is difficult and we wish you all the best in the journey to come. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.