Collection: Purple Urns

Purple has always been the colour of royalty, wisdom and nobility which makes it an apt colour for decorating the cremation urn of a departed loved one. Steeped in the mystique of twilight, purple cremation urns pay tribute to our most precious memories and the spiritual bonds that tie us together. The royal shades of purple found in our purple urns collection represent the depths of our emotions, the wisdom garnered from a life well lived and a reminder of life's spiritual journey. 

Offered in a diverse array of materials and designs, our purple cremation urns at Eternal Urns are designed to suit different individual tastes while preserving their emblematic meaning. The unique colours, ranging from the softest lavender to the boldest violet, reflect all the emotions and experiences that colour our world and shape our connections to one another.

Embrace the regal warmth of purple urns as a comforting reminder of the cherished moments you shared with your loved one in the past and the everlasting love that goes forward into the future.