Collection: Large Urns

In times of loss, finding the perfect way to honour your loved one's memory can add extra worry. Our large cremation urn collection offers a range of timeless, elegant solutions, providing the perfect memorial to celebrate the life of the person you have lost. Suitable for most adults, large urns can accommodate up to 3.4 litres of cremation remains.

Each of our large cremation urns is crafted with care and precision from high quality materials, such as ceramic, marble, aluminium or wood ensuring a lasting and durable reminder of your loved one. Our large urn collection features a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary urns, offering a variety of styles to suit your personal style and provide the ideal vessel to pay tribute to your loved one.

Our large cremation urns are securely sealed so you can be sure that your loved one’s ashes will be kept safely within. Browse our large urn collection today at Eternal Urns and find the perfect memorial to celebrate the life and memory of your loved one. If you are unsure of which size you need, you can refer to our sizing guide.