Collection: Wood Urns

Welcome to Eternal Urns' exquisite selection of wood urns, skillfully crafted to celebrate the life and memory of your cherished loved one. The organic beauty of wood, combined with its unparalleled durability and strength, make it an ideal choice for families seeking a lasting memorial that remains close to nature.

Our wooden urns are crafted from a number of different types of wood, each providing a unique texture, colour and grain pattern. Whichever type you choose will offer the timeless richness and warmth that makes wood the perfect material for a beautiful urn.

We have wooden urns in a diverse range of styles and finishes, from elegant and traditional designs to contemporary and artistic ones. We strive to offer a selection that captures the unique essence of your loved one, allowing you to pay tribute to them in a manner that feels genuine and true.

Browse our full selection of wood urns today and find the perfect forever resting place.