How to put ashes in cremation jewellery

cremation jewellery with titleLosing a loved one is a difficult experience in life that we must all face at one point or another. It is in these trying times that we find ways to honour and respect their lives. A particularly newer idea that has gained quite a bit of popularity for honouring our recently deceased has been the use and wear of cremation jewellery. It is quickly becoming a favourite way of many Australians to carry their loved ones with them even after their passing. With the rise of cremation jewellery there has been an increase in questions and queries surrounding the concept, one such question being how to actually transfer your dearly departeds cremation ashes into this stylish receptacle. That's the very question we will be answering and helping you with in this article. 

What exactly is cremation jewellery?

Cremation Jewellery is essentially jewellery that has been designed in such a way that allows you to actually carry a small amount of ash or hair inside the piece itself. The jewellery itself mostly come as necklaces with a space inside the pendant for the ashes, but other jewellery can be used for this purpose too such as rings or wristbands. Cremation jewellery is great as it allows you to carry your loved ones ashes with you in your day to day life. This can be a tremendous way of helping you move through the grieving process and is also a touching reminder of them that's there when you need it. 

How do you store the ashes inside?

So you have your piece of jewellery but are unsure if the safest and most hassle free method of placing the ashes inside. What you want to check first is if the cremation jewellery came with any ash handling kit. At Eternal Urns, all of our cremation jewellery come with a complimentary ash handling kit that helps you with this very problem. The ash handling kit includes a small funnel and a scoop to help you scoop the ashes inside the jewellery. Here is a step by step guide on how to place the ashes in the safest and cleanest method possible.

Step one: Make a clean space to work in.

The first thing you want to do is to ensure the area you are about to place the ashes inside is clean, well lit and free from distractions and moving wind. It can be quite delicate work so the better the conditions, the easier the process.

Step two: Get something to catch any fallen ashes.

You will want to make sure you are working over something that can catch the ashes incase you spill any. While ashes are an inert substance and don't pose any health risks, you will still most likely not want it getting everywhere. An area or item such as a bowl, a cleared table or a small box can work wonders in making sure the ashes dont go where you don't want them to go.

Step three: Use something to hold up your cremation jewellery.

Try to find something that can keep your jewellery pointed up, stable and ready to hold the ashes. You can use another item of a similar size to wedge it against an edge or even some sticky tape. Anything to make sure it wont move. If you are feeling confident, you can use your hand to hold it steady or otherwise ask someone to hold it steady as you prepare to place the ash inside.

Step four: Unscrew the opening and funnel the ash.

Most cremation jewellery simply unscrew to reveal the compartment inside. Once you have unscrewed your piece and have it properly secured, place the funnel part of your ash handling kit in the chamber. Once that is done, use the scoop to carefully move the ash from your current container or urn into the jewelleries ash holding compartment. Once you have stored the ash inside, simply screw on the lid firmly and you're done!

Step 5 (optional): Secure your jewellery.

This step is optional and can be a bit tricky to do, but if you can then it is generally recommended. Once your ash is firmly stored, you can seal off the chamber by either using a small amount of hot glue or epoxy resin to make sure that it cannot be reopened. Normally your jewellery will not reopen on its own but this method just adds that extra layer of security to make sure that your loved ones ashes are secured in the best way possible.

Now you know the best method of placing your loved ones ashes inside your cremation jewellery, you can confidently put on your piece and wear it with pride worry free! As Australia's largest urn and cremation jewellery store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation jewellery available, so check out our range today.