What is an Urn?

urn with question marks

Funerals and how we take care of our loved ones after passing are difficult. Depending on your culture, you may have different ideas or customs to handle their funerals. Some cultures prefer to bury their dead while others such as Tibetan Buddhists believe sky burials are the preferred way. Whatever you believe is the best way to handle your loved ones passing, one method has seen increased popularity in most countries around the world. Cremation has superseded most other funerary rites mainly due to its cost effectiveness and grieving benefits. With cremation being so popular, one obvious question that needs answering is what exactly is an urn

So what is an urn?

Urns are essentially an ornate, sturdy receptacle used to hold the ashes of your loved one. The ashes you receive from cremation can come in different amounts due to multiple factors. This is why most urns will come in different sizes as well, to ensure you can sufficiently hold all the ashes of your loved one. Urns come in many different materials, most prominently in metals such as Aluminium. They can also come in wood, ceramic, brass and even marble depending on where you purchase from. While most materials will do the job of holding the ashes suitably, you will still want to research them to see what is most suitable for you and your household. Not all urns are meant to be displayed however, you can also purchase urns that are designed to be buried and also eco friendly urns that are perfect for a water burial. Urns can come in many different designs which let you personalise them to your loved one which is great as you will be able to find the perfect one for them and yourself.

Why should I buy an urn?

Urns are really helpful for most as they provide a tangible way to grieve the loss of your loved one. When you hold the urn with your loved ones ashes inside, it can help remind you of all the good times you shared together. It is also convenient as you won't have to travel to a cemetery plot to visit their grave. You will have them inside the comfort of your own home which will also be a great way to feel their presence even after their passing. Noone is ready for their loved ones to pass away, but keeping them around in a special urn can help alleviate the feeling of them not being there anymore. If you still do not like the idea of an urn, you can always elect to bury or scatter their ashes. Scattering Tubes are a great way of transporting and dispersing your loved ones ashes with ease. You can do this in a beautiful ceremony with your close friends and family as a final goodbye, which can help with closure. You can even combine these ideas and keep them in an urn until you are ready to say a final goodbye. Scattering them in their favourite place in life when you're ready is a great way to deal with your grief.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, but we hope this article has made the difficult time of their passing a little easier. Urns are a great way of dealing with grief and are incredibly versatile.  As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns and scattering tubes available, so check out our range today.