Collection: Mechanic Urns

Did your loved one spend their days restoring vintage motors? Or perhaps they could name every part of an engine effortlessly? Whatever their mechanical obsession, we have a mechanic urn here at Eternal Urns that is sure to make your loved one smile from beyond the grave.

Each cremation urn in our mechanic urns collection narrates a tale of its own, embodying the spirit of tireless hours spent tinkering under the hood and the love for all things geared and greasy. Our mechanic cremation urns are forged with love and passion, a true testament to the lives of those who shared a deep connection with machines and whose skills and passion will never be forgotten. 

While losing someone close to you can be incredibly hard, choosing the perfect cremation urn can help to provide solace and comfort. Browse our full mechanic urn collection and find a fitting final resting place for the beloved motorhead in your life.