Collection: Rugby Urns

Looking for a way to honour your rugby-mad loved one? Look no further than our range of rugby urns! They're a scrum-tastic way to celebrate the life and passion of someone who simply couldn't get enough of the sport. 

For true rugby lovers, rugby is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. It teaches us about strength, perseverance and the importance of being a team player and these are all qualities which we want to be remembered for after we are gone. 

Our collection of rugby cremation urns at Eternal Urns comes in a wide range of designs, colours and styles so you can pick the perfect one for your loved one. Each rugby urn in our collection is made from premium materials and has been expertly designed and crafted so they look fantastic and will stand the test of time. 

Browse our full rugby cremation urn collection today and find the perfect resting place for a rugby fanatic.