Collection: Floral Urns

Flowers are essentially nature's version of art, a self expression captured in the most beautiful and unique way. We wanted to recreate this beauty as best we could at Eternal Urns and so we would like to proudly present to you our collection of floral cremation urns. 

Our floral urns are made to the highest quality in a wide array of materials and designs to ensure that there will be the perfect one for you. From aluminium floral cremation urns to a more exquisite brass and porcelain designs, whatever your choice may be we have you covered.

Each and every cremation urn is handcrafted by meticulously careful artisans and made to strict standards so you can rest assured your loved one is receiving the best possible floral urn they can get. We're sure our floral urns will make a lovely addition to any home and serve as a purposeful reminder of who your loved one was in life.

Explore our lovely floral cremation urn collection today and see what we have on offer, you won't be disappointed.