Collection: Homemade Urns

There is something deeply comforting about homemade items. They are tangible expressions of love and care and represent the thoughtfulness of true friends and family. At Eternal Urns, our homemade cremation urns collection offers you the chance to honour your loved one with an authentic, stunningly expertly crafted creation.

Each homemade urn in our collection is crafted from a range of natural materials, such as wood, ceramic and glass. They come in a variety of beautiful designs and colours with no two homemade cremation urns exactly the same. This ensures that each piece is unique, reflecting the singular beauty of the person it honours.

As you hold one of our homemade urns in your hands, you will feel the love and devotion that has gone into its creation. Let our homemade cremation urns serve as a tangible reminder of the love you share with your loved one, creating a lasting legacy of warmth and affection.