Collection: Football Urns

Do you remember the days spent watching football matches with your loved one and the excitement of cheering on your favourite team together? The shared passion and joy for the beautiful game that brought you closer? 

In the face of loss, we find comfort in the memories and passions that brought us together. Our football themed urns are designed to honour those cherished memories, providing a lasting tribute to the football fans who have passed on. They are made from the highest quality materials and in a range of designs so you can choose the right one. 

Each football cremation urn in our collection at Eternal Urns is crafted with care, capturing the essence of the sport and the love it inspired in the departed. As you browse our football urn collection, we hope the spirit of the beautiful game will help guide you to the perfect cremation urn, a lasting testament to the joy that football brought to your loved one's life.