Collection: Wolf Urns

In the hallowed embrace of the wild, where the night whispers and the moonlight dances, the wolves roam. Their howls echo through the forest, calling out to the spirits of the past, a hauntingly beautiful melody that resonates deep within our souls. The wolf is a symbol of strength, loyalty and family and you can immortalise the memory of your loved one with our exquisite range of wolf cremation urns.

Each wolf urn in our collection at Eternal Urns is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with the spirit of the wolf, ever-present. Our wolf cremation urns come in a range of colours, styles and designs, providing vessels that are stunning in their design and deeply meaningful in their symbolism. 

Allow the essence of the wolf to guide you on this journey of love, remembrance and healing with our wolf urn collection. Let their howls echo through your heart and may the spirit of your loved one be with you always.