Is it Bad Luck to Keep Ashes in the House?

lamp post with "bad luck?" and "good luck?" signage. Above good luck there is a scattering tube and above back luck an urn. questions marks above the lamp post.Cremation is an incredibly venerable and beautiful way of handling our loved ones' deaths and has become increasingly the most favoured option in Australia, but what should we be doing with the ashes? Most people like to keep their loved ones ashes in a beautiful urn inside their homes but others may consider this bad luck. Is it really bad luck to keep ashes inside the house?

Why do people use urns in the first place?

Many people have resorted to purchasing urns as a touching way of honouring their loved ones memory. Urns are a beautiful receptacle that can be customised to be personal to your loved one and they can provide you and your family a tangible way to process their grief. While this is great for most people and urns have become increasingly more popular as time goes on, some have started to wonder whether keeping your loved ones ashes in your home can bring bad luck or harmful energies into your home. The answer to this question can change depending on your personal beliefs and the beliefs of others who you talk to. That's why we've decided to tackle this question from multiple points of view to give you the most comprehensive answer we possibly can.

The spiritual view

While spiritualism is a broad field with many different viewpoints, understandings and mythos, there can be found a lot of underlying similarities. Particularly when it comes to death, our soul is released in the crematory process. The ashes that stay behind leave an inert energy which symbolises that this was the soul's previous residence. That is to say that while the soul may not be present anymore, some may find that they can still feel that person's energy emanating from their ashes. It's this very energy that we would say is a positive thing, and allows you to handle the grief of losing them. While some spiritual believers don't agree with storing ashes inside the home, we believe that there is no harmful energy or bad luck associated with doing so, in fact, quite the contrary. 

The atheist view

From a purely scientific perspective, there is no energy left in ashes. Whether you scatter them, separate them, bury them or keep them in your home, no bad luck will come to you. While there is something to say about how you should respect your loved ones' ashes, it has no impact on your luck in any way. We recommend consulting with your family and friends that were also close to the recently deceased, as while storing the ashes in your house may not impact you, it might have an impact on them and their beliefs.

The religious view

Many different religions have differing views on not only what happens to us when we die, but also how we should handle the dead. Due to this and the countless religions out there, we recommend consulting your priest, rabbi, guru, elder or any other figurehead of your religion to determine the best course of action. You can also refer to your religions holy text or scripture which will give you important information on how to handle your loved ones ashes or body. 

What are some alternatives to storing ashes in your home

Before deciding on a different course, make sure to check with other relatives and family to see what they would want done with the ashes. Separating Ashes is an option you can consider if some families would like to hold on to the ash. Once you have checked with them, you can consider scattering the ashes in a beautiful ceremony. This is a lovely way to send off your loved one and is usually best done at a place they were fond of in life. If that doesn't sound right for you, you can also consider burying their ashes at a place of your choosing. This way you will have a place you can go to visit them whenever you feel like. 

Losing someone is never easy and it can be hard to know what you should do. With this article you will at least have the perspectives of different mindsets allowing you to make up your own mind. While we firmly believe that there is no bad luck in storing ashes in your home, you can decide for yourself with the information we have provided you. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.