Cremation in Cairns

The death of someone close to you is a hard thing to experience. Knowing what to do with them after their passing can also be hard. At Eternal Urns we know this feeling and have compiled this list of cremation providers in Cairns so that you can easily find a service that will treat you and your loved one with care and honour. 

Cairns Crematoriums

Cairns funeral directors and cremations

Cairns Funeral Directors

Cairns Funeral Directors are here to ease your burden in this difficult time. Funerals are not an easy thing to plan or discuss. Nothing is more difficult than arranging a funeral while you’re still in mourning for the loved one you have recently lost. They understand how challenging this period can be, and make it their job and duty to ease your pain as much as they possibly can. From the moment you contact them, they'll do what's in their power to make planning a funeral in Cairns simple. From arranging flowers to choosing music, they can provide as little or as much as you want or need them to. They offer a personal, sensitive service to the recently bereaved. Led by their team of 100% Australian, local, family-owned funeral directors, you can create the perfect farewell to your loved ones with as little stress and pain as possible. They will carefully lead you through each step of the process, taking on whatever they can and allowing you to stay in control of the things that matter. They attend the phone lines 24/7 so if you’re worried about the ceremony at 2 am, they'll be there to help. 


Phone: (07) 4053 7499

Address: 36 Pease St Manoora QLD 4870


white lady funerals and crematorium

White Lady Funerals

White Lady Funerals began as a collective of women, offering a caring, personalised approach to funerals. Where dark suits and black hearses, cold chapels and solemn speeches were once the only option, they were pioneers in creating a fresh alternative, with empathy, courage and a woman’s intuition at the heart of their operation. Since the late 80’s they've helped around 150,000 Australian families from all walks of life find their strength to say farewell to the ones they love most. Today their team comprises hundreds of strong, caring women across the country. Every White Lady Funeral Specialist draws from a wealth of life experience to guide and support you and your family. Visit White Lady Funerals today for a hassle free cremation. 


Phone: 1300 656 550 

Address: 182 Mulgrave Rd, Westcourt QLD 4870

cairns crematorium

Cairns Crematorium Funeral home and Memorial Garden

Cairns Crematorium Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens has over 30 years experience in caring for all aspects of funeral arrangements in and around Cairns. They are local Cairns people and they are there to help you and your family. If you need proper and professional help, don't hesitate to contact them as they will provide you and your family the care you need. 


Phone: (07) 4036 1888

Address: Foster Road, Mount Sheridan QLD 4868 Australia

Cremation and choosing the proper service can now be easier thanks to this list of lovely providers based in Cairns. Most crematoriums and funeral homes will allow you to bring and use your own urn, so while you are waiting for the process to be complete, why not take a look at our lovely selection of urns? As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation urns and other cremation accessories available, so check out our range today.