Cremation in Perth

The loss of a loved one is something tragic that can never be properly prepared for. It is a difficult time and it can be hard to know what to do next. Most Australians have started choosing cremation over the traditional burials as a way of honouring their deceased loved ones. With this it can be hard to know which cremation providers will give you the best service as there are just so many of them. That's why at Eternal Urns, we understand this struggle and wanted to make it easier for you to pick a cremation clinic or funeral home that will treat your loved ones with the respect they deserve. 

Crematoriums in Perth

 Perth Cremation and Burials

Perth Cremations and Burials

How does a family with low income cover the sky-high costs of a funeral? Where are the affordable solutions for families that don’t have deep pockets for high funeral fees? Years before founding Perth Cremations, the owners of this now successful and highly rated funeral home struggled with these very questions. After years of battling illnesses and multiple cancers their families savings were depleted. They were faced with arranging her funeral with little to no funds available to them without having to take a bank loan or plead for financial assistance from friends and relatives. They ended up scaling back on their mothers funeral. Perth is home to thousands who live this story each year. They struggle to pay the exorbitant fees demanded by corporate-owned funeral homes—companies whose sole purpose is shareholder profits. With so many families needing help, we entered the funeral service industry and started Perth Cremations. They take pride in standing firm behind their promise to value people over profits. Their passion drives them to offer you the most affordable funeral packages and services in the Perth Metropolitan area—without compromising on quality. With Perth Cremations, you can always be sure of one thing: They’ll help you lay your loved ones to rest with a beautiful funeral service that won’t cost you the earth.


Address: 2/2 Carson Rd, Malaga WA 6090

Phone: 1800 331 990

SPW Cremations

Simple Price Wise Cremations

As a family owned and operated Western Australian business, Simple Price-Wise Cremations was established in 2003 to provide simple low cost affordable cremation services in the Perth metropolitan area for those families who wish for a dignified and affordable cremation funeral service to say goodbye to their loved one. Their team of professional funeral directors have over 30 years of experience and can tailor a simple low cost cremation service to meet you and your family's budget requirements. They provide cheap and affordable professional services suited to those who wish to either have a simple non-attended cremation, or a simple low cost cremation funeral service more suited to those who wish to assemble at the cemetery entrance and proceed to the chapel together.


Address: 355 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008

Phone: (08) 9381 7022


Bare Cremations


Bare is a funeral service provider founded and managed by Sam and Cale. Even as of recent times, they’ve both attended traditional funerals and noticed how the funerals would follow a similar pattern, which involved large gatherings in traditional funeral parlours, distant family members in dark suits, and sombre reflections about the person who died. While this style of farewell is perfect for some, Sam and Cale believe it just didn’t feel quite right for others. That’s why they decided to offer services that were unique and personalised. Some families will want a Bare Memorial, whether that’s with all the bells and whistles, a traditional service or more akin to a celebration of life. Other families will opt for a Bare Cremation, our cremation-only service. Family and friends may decide to gather for an intimate celebration, hold an ashes scattering ceremony or do nothing at all. In either case, their role is the same; to provide incredible customer service, at an affordable price, and support you and your family to say the goodbye that is right for you. At Bare, they are honoured that every single week, hundreds of families let them into their lives, sharing stories of their loved ones, and entrusting them with their goodbye. With so many customers sharing disappointing funeral experiences prior to Bare, they don’t take the trust for granted. They listen to every family’s story, and then support them in a way that’s right for them, from the goodbye to following up in the weeks and even months after the death. Every family says farewell differently, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.


Address: Level 2, Building C/355 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park WA 6017

Phone:(08) 6202 7044


With this knowledge you can now select a provider with the confidence that they will treat your loved one to the best of their ability. Most crematoriums and funeral homes will allow you to bring and use your own urn, so while you are waiting for the process to be complete, why not take a look at our lovely selection of urns? As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation urns and other cremation accessories available, so check out our range today.