Understanding The Difference Between Cremation Rings

3 Cremation rings with the text "cremation rings: understanding the difference"Cremation rings have become a fairly new addition to an otherwise time honoured tradition of keeping our departed loved ones ashes close to us. Urns and more recently cremation jewellery have increased in popularity in the past few years, particularly due to their eco friendliness and affordability. Cremation rings have jumped into the mix as a stylish and modern way to keep your loved ones' ashes close to you. In this article we will be taking a look at the difference between various cremation rings, particularly stored ash rings and integrated ash rings.

What is a cremation ring?

To understand the differences between cremation rings we first need to understand what they are. A cremation ring is designed to hold or integrate your loved ones ashes into the ring itself, which is a great way to keep your loved one close to you. You can wear them to almost any occasion and depending on the style, can either be really extraordinary and out there or more subtle and elegant. Cremation rings are highly personal to the wearer and as a result are also normally engraved with the name of the loved one they're carrying. 

What are the two types of cremation rings?

Stored and integrated ash cremation rings have one key difference that sets them apart from each other. Stored ash rings store the physical ash inside them, usually as a small screw-in compartment. The screw is normally placed on a discreet part of the ring, such as the inside so that it is not visible to anyone. Stored ash cremation rings are great as they can be mass produced which leads to a more consistent product and a more affordable one too. It also takes less time to ship out to any customer as there is no need for the retailer or funeral home to handle the ashes. Integrated ash cremation rings are different. With these cremation rings, the ash gets sent to the retailer or jeweller and is physically integrated into the band or centrepiece of the ring. This can be done by setting the ashes into resin or being cast into stained glass. These cremation rings are truly special and are an incredible work of art. The one thing you should know if you're considering purchasing such a gorgeous custom ring is that it will take time to manufacture the ring as artisans that work in this field are usually busy and have a backlog of work. 

What ring should I get?

Ultimately it will come down to personal preference as to which type of cremation ring you should purchase. They are both perfectly reasonable and lovely ways to commemorate the life of a loved one and to keep them close to you. It is recommended to look at all of your options and pick the one you like the look of the most as it is what you will be wearing. Consider aspects such as style and colour to see if it will be suitable not only for yourself but also to symbolise your loved one. Keep in mind that the vernacular and terms used to describe these rings are not the same everywhere, so just make sure the one you are purchasing is the one you really want to avoid any issues.

Understanding the difference between cremation rings is important in commemorating your loved one. Getting something perfect will not only make you happy with your purchase but also ease the hardship of their passing just that little bit more. As Australia's largest urn and cremation jewellery store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation rings available, so check out our range today.