How Long Do Ashes Last in a Scattering Tube?

Scattering tubes are an ergonomic and beautiful way to scatter the ashes of your loved one. One question that often arises with the use of scattering tubes is how long can the ashes be kept in the scattering tube? This article will answer this question as well as give you tips on how to use your scattering tube effectively to provide your loved one the best send off possible.

How Long Do Ashes Last?

Scattering tubes can hold ashes as long as any other receptacle, which is to say indefinitely. Scattering tubes are biodegradable, and so the only thing that would stop their ability to hold the ashes would be their own degradation over years and years. Ashes are an inert substance and don't have any chemical or corrosive properties, so therefore you can comfortably keep your loved ones ashes in their scattering tube for as long as you need. 

At Eternal Urns, we recommend not keeping your loved ones in the scattering tube for longer than 6 months if it can be helped. This is to avoid any mishaps with the storage of the ash as scattering tubes are meant to be disposable and use items to give the ashes a proper dispersal. While they can technically be used for storage, they are not sealed and secure as proper cremation urns and so for any extended periods of storage it is recommended to use cremation urns instead. 

How to Best Use Your Scattering Tube

Scattering tubes are a very ergonomic and easy to use memorial item. To start off with you'll want to carefully place your loved ones ashes inside of your chosen scattering tube. Make sure when you purchase your scattering tube that it will have the capacity to hold all of your beloveds ashes. You can talk to the funeral home or crematorium to receive a more accurate expected amount of ash, but in general most adults will fit within a 3.3 litre capacity “large” scattering tube. Make sure the area where you will work in is clean, free of distractions and any strong moving airflow such as from a fan or open window. Once you’ve put all the ash inside the scattering tube, carefully close the scattering tube and now you are ready to transport the ashes to your chosen location. 

Once you're at the location, it is good to give everyone and yourself a moment to say a few meaningful words about your loved one. Your final goodbyes should be shared together and reminisce on the good times you had with them. Once everyone is ready, simply open the scattering tube and you will have a point of perforated paper that you can puncture. This will open up the inner chamber holding the ashes and allow you to then scatter them fully. Make sure to face away from the wind, and to ensure that your family and friends are not downwind from your position to avoid any ash being flown onto yourself or them. Once the scattering tube is completely empty, you can say your final goodbyes or take a moment of silence and respect the moment. After the ceremony is complete, you can either keep the scattering tube as a keepsake or throw it away as it is biodegradable and will eventually return to the Earth.

While scattering tubes are not designed to indefinitely hold the ashes of your loved one, they can certainly hold on to them for long enough to make sure the scattering ceremony will be planned and held on the perfect day. We hope the tips we have covered in this article ensure you have a smooth and serene scattering ceremony. As Australia's largest urn and scattering tube store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality scattering tubes available, so check out our range today if you are in need of one.