Dog Urns: Choosing a Design that Represents your Dog’s Personality

Red urn with engraved dog on it

Man's best friend. Dogs are our faithful companions and their unconditional love makes them a crucial part of our families. When a beloved family dog passes away you can be left with a bleak and depressed feeling. This is why many families attempt to commemorate their pets passing instead by choosing to get a special pet urn for them. 

Choosing a dog urn is a challenging task, especially when you want to select a design that represents your dog's personality. The urn should be a symbol of your dog’s memory and a tribute to their unique character. In this article we will discuss some of these factors to consider when selecting a dog urn to truly represent them.


The first thing we'll want to consider is material, as it will affect the budget and what you're willing to do with the dog urn. Is the urn meant for burial or display? If it's meant for burial, you may want to purchase an eco-friendly urn that's suitable, such as a biodegradable urn. Wooden urns can also be a biodegradable option for burials. If it's for display, you'll probably want a more ornate urn such as a ceramic or brass urn that can be more commemorative of the dog's personality. These materials are generally more expensive than wood urns so shop around and see what fits your budget.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing the dog urn is the style. You want something that will represent your dog, something like a dog shaped ceramic urn or an urn with little paw prints on it. Dog urns come in different styles which are available both online and in person. We have a large selection of dog urns at our own online store Eternal Urns with many different and unique styles available. Another option available is to have your dog urn include a photo frame, which is commonly found in wooden urns. This is a lovely way of keeping your dog's memory alive.

Below are some examples of different styles that dog urns can come in:

  • Traditional dog urn designs include classic shapes and patterns that are simple and elegant. These urns often feature paw prints, bones, and other dog-related symbols that are perfect for pet owners who prefer a more understated design.
  • Modern dog urn designs are contemporary and often feature sleek lines and unique shapes. These urns are perfect for pet owners who prefer a more modern and stylish design.
  • Whimsical dog urn designs are playful and fun and often feature unique shapes and colours. These urns are perfect for pet owners who want a more lighthearted and creative design that reflects their dog's playful personality.


One more crucial factor you'll want to consider is customising or personalising your dog urn. This way you can honour them and make the urn more special. If you want to personalise your dog urn, you can get it engraved with their name or other details such as their age. You can also have their photo placed next to the urn in case there is no insert for the photo on the urn itself. Another great way to personalise the urn is by putting their favourite toy next to the urn so they can still symbolically have it with them.

Ultimately you must decide on which dog urn will truly suit your dog's personality. If your dog was a playful and fun dog to be around, you might want to go with a nice ceramic whimsical urn. If your dog was more of the stoic and protective type of dog, then a traditional dog urn may be more suitable. 

Losing a dog is a hard experience no one deserves to go through. We hope that by knowing what material, style and designs to look for, the purchasing process has been made easier. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns have a wide range of the best quality dog urns available so check out our range today.