Is There Energy in Cremated Ashes?

Urn with atom energy around it

Cremation is the process in which our loved ones bodies are turned into ash, also known as cremains or cremation remains. Cultures from all over the world have used cremation as a funerary practice since as early as the bronze age, which was when one of the earliest urns were discovered in modern day China. While this proud tradition of honouring our deceased loved ones is noble, there can be some questions that surround such practices. One such question is more of a spiritual type in which we wonder, is there any energy left in our loved ones' cremains?

What do we mean by energy?

Energy, or the concept of energy has been a term used in physics since as early as 1807 by Thomas Young. Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Many forms of energy exist which can also be manipulated into different states, such as heat, light, kinetic, electrical, chemical and potential energy. When a body is cremated, heat energy is used to convert the matter into different states like gases and solids. Most of the material is lost as gas to the atmosphere, and the solids that remain are the cremains. While these are the common definitions and concepts used by scientists to describe various different states of matter, it has also been co opted as a term by spiritualists and esotericists too. Spiritual energy can mean a couple of different ideas depending on who you ask. In our definition, we take energy to be a spiritual force present in all living things on this Earth and beyond. 

What happens to our energy when we die?

There are a couple of things that can happen to our spiritual energy when we pass away. Everyone knows that part of the energy carried within a person is the soul. Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs, the soul after life can depart to a variety of different destinations. Some believe that if you do good deeds in life, your soul will spend eternity in heaven whereas others believe that your energy gets placed into another living being known as reincarnation. Whatever the case may be, a lot of your energy will be retaken by the earth when you pass. With cremations in particular, the energy will be dispersed back into the atmosphere at a much faster rate than a normal burial. It is a completely healthy and natural way for the body's energy to be reabsorbed by nature. It also allows our soul to wander into the next phase of our spiritual existence. The ashes that remain leave behind a relatively inert energy which is not impactful to the soul in any way. This inert energy is great for the living as a way of remembering them and still being able to connect spiritually with the deceased. This is why urns have become a staple for the spiritually minded. 

Death is never easy but knowing what happens to the energy of your loved ones, as well as what happens to their soul can make it easier. Cremation is a beautiful and honourable way of respecting your loved ones and their soul will thank you for it. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns and cremation jewellery available, so check out our range today.