Finding Comfort in Adult Urns: Keeping Loved Ones Close After They Pass

Mahogany wood boxed urn with woodpecker etching on left and ornate blue gold urn on right

Death is an unfortunately inevitable part of life. When a loved one passes away we are only left with the fond memories we have of them and maybe some personally significant items of theirs. Cremation urns are a great way to keep your loved one close after they pass. It is a great way of commemorating their life and keeping their memory in a physical, respectful form. This article will discuss all you need to know in selecting the right adult urn for your loved one.

Choosing an adult urn

There is a lot of variety with adult urns which you should be aware of when choosing one. Some considerations you should think of include the material, style and intended use of the urn. The material you pick should generally match your aesthetic preferences and budget too. It also depends whether the urn is meant for display or burial which will influence what material you wish to select. Styles on an adult urn can be anything from an intricately engraved, ornate urn to a basic aluminium urn. The style and material you choose should reflect what was important to the departed person's life, but also what you would like to see and have in your home. There can be many different styles of adult urns, including things they might have enjoyed in life such as a sport or hobby. Another factor can be the size of the urn. Most adult urns are designed to hold 200 cubic inches or about 3 litres of ashes. The general rule of thumb used is that 1 pound of body weight will make 1 cubic inch of ash, so a standard urn is expected to hold all or most of the ashes of a person up to 90kg. Cremation and the ashes produced is not an exact science so there could be a surplus of ash that remains after the adult urn has been filled. In such cases we recommend scattering the remaining ashes or placing them in keepsakes for other friends or family that would like to have them.

How to find comfort in the urn

Choosing your perfect urn means you must also decide whether that urn is to be buried or displayed. Depending on things such as religious values, financial situations and personal values, you may or may not always want to bury or scatter the ashes. In such cases, you will want to either display the urn somewhere meaningful in your home or have it in a more private location. This entirely depends on your comfort levels and how you want the urn to be presented. Once you have decided where to place the urn, you can consider personalising the urn by placing important sentimental items near the urn or photos of the deceased. This process of personalising your urn is an effective way of moving through the grieving process. It is a necessary step for closure and will bring anyone holding the urn a sense of peace. One of the main reasons adult urns provide comfort is that they offer a tangible reminder of your loved one. When you can see and hold the urn, it can help bring back fond memories of your time together and special moments that you have shared with them. Another additional benefit is that it is a way to honour your loved ones memory which most find comforting. By choosing an urn that reflects your loved one’s personality or interests, you can create a lasting tribute to their life and let them know they are not forgotten. This can keep their memory alive for years to come.

Adult urns are an important step in processing your grief. Choosing the right urn will help you find comfort, as will the other methods mentioned in this article. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality adult urns available, so check out our range today.