A Guide to Scattering Tubes for Cremation Ashes

White scattering tubes of different siize with pawprints on left and blue and orange sunset on rightDeath is a natural part of life and for the longest time in human history it was a way for the earth to reclaim us and our remains. In modern times, bodies are now pumped with chemicals that are toxic to the environment for traditional burials in order to preserve them. This has led many Australians to look for alternative ways to handle the passing of their loved ones. Cremation has become a great eco-friendly method but some people still don't want to keep their loved ones ashes in an urn. This is where scattering tubes come through as an incredibly cost saving alternative. Though we primarily sell urns here at Eternal Urns, we also have scattering tubes available and this article will teach you all you need to know about them.

What are scattering tubes?

Scattering tubes are biodegradable tubes normally made out of paper, cardboard or bamboo that are specifically designed to carry your loved ones ashes so that they can be scattered. They are the best way to ensure your loved ones remains return to the earth in the most eco-friendly way possible. After the remains are scattered at a place of you or your loved ones choosing, you can either keep your scattering tube or throw it away knowing that it will also compost back into nature. Scattering tubes are a dignified and beautiful way of dispersing your loved ones remains.

Why the need for one?

Scattering tubes are the more elegant way to carry your loved ones ashes for dispersal. They are also specially designed so that the ashes inside can be scattered in a precise and orderly fashion. They are a more ergonomic option than the plastic container in which cremains normally arrive as they can be punctured easily when the ashes are ready to be released. They also come in many different designs and can be stylised to suit your loved one. They are also the most affordable way of dealing with afterlife care, so are great for families on a budget.

What are the options?

The options for scattering tubes are quite limited but they are worth discussing. The tubes themselves come in different sizes so it's helpful to know how much ash you will be left with. Consult your crematorium or funerary home for advice. The different designs can range from nature decorum to a lovely sky photo and anything in between. It is important to find a design that suits your loved one as it will make that send off even more special and can be a beautiful reminder of them if you decide to keep the scattering tube afterwards. Scattering tubes also come in pet friendly designs, so they can also be used for your furry companions. In terms of material there is not much difference between the options so pick the one most affordable to you. Most scattering tubes are biodegradable and every one sold here at Eternal Urns is ensured to be biodegradable. 

Scattering tubes are a great option for people experiencing the loss of a loved one. They are an eco-friendly way to provide a touching send off for them. They come in many different designs and we're sure you'll find a scattering tube perfect for you and your loved one. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality scattering tubes available, so check out our range today.