How Much do Urns Cost?

three different sized urns in a line - each with a different cost

Since as long as 7000 BC, urns have been used through many different cultures and religions to store the ashes of loved ones. Throughout history they would have been handmade and given to loved ones and were not generally something that was sold. Urns in the modern age can range from less than a hundred all the way up to thousands of dollars depending on craftsmanship, material and sizing. This article will discuss the different factors that affect urn pricing.

Types of urns and cremation receptacles

Urns come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and uses so it's important to know what’s out there before you decide on a purchase. Standard sized urns for adults will generally be the primary consideration, but if you intend on splitting the ashes for multiple people, you may also want to consider buying keepsake urns as well. Companion urns are a way of keeping a couple together even after their passing, such as a husband and wife or a pair of siblings. Scattering tubes may also be purchased if you are looking to scatter some or all of the remains, they are also generally more affordable than standard urns. Cremation jewellery is a special way of keeping your loved one close to you.

How materials affect the cost of your urn

One of the main factors affecting the pricing of your urn is the materials used to make them. Urns are commonly made with materials such as wood, aluminium, brass, ceramic and stone. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most common materials used in urns today and how much they will cost you.

Wood Urns

Wood urns are a generally affordable type of urn that are a natural and subtle way to store your loved ones ashes. They can be displayed anywhere in your home and will not feel out of place. They are also an eco friendly option and give you peace of mind knowing you have selected a sustainable resource for your urn. Wood urns will cost you anywhere from $80 to $550. 

Aluminium Urns

Metal urns, usually aluminium, is commonly used in urns as it is a durable and cost effective material. They also afford you the comfort of not needing to worry about shattering through being dropped or other forms of damage, and the lids screw down so they are resistant to accidental spillage as well. They come in many different designs and are usually the main choice for most people. Aluminium urns will cost you anywhere from $120 to $1000. 

Brass Urns

Brass urns are quite similar to aluminium urns but are harder, stronger and heavier than aluminium and with a more elegant, lustrous polish to it. They are also more resistant to tarnishing as well. Due to these qualities and the relatively low supply of brass compared to aluminium, it is a generally more expensive option. Brass urns will cost you anywhere from $150 to $2000. 

Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns are some of the most beautiful urns due to the malleability of the material and sport  some incredibly unique designs. Although a less durable material, some of the most creative designs can be found with ceramic urns. Ceramic urns will typically cost you anywhere from $90 to $1000. 

Stone Urns

Stone urns are a quite heavy yet durable material and they come with a very rustic and natural look to them. They are also known to have quite beautiful designs. Stone urns will typically cost you anywhere from $180 to $2000. 

Other factors that affect the cost of your urn

Besides materials, there are a few other factors that will affect the cost of your urn:


There are a couple different sizes that you may need to consider, such as keepsake urns if the ashes need to be divided amongst more people. A smaller sized urn would be better if the cremation ashes you receive aren't enough for a larger urn. This will help reduce the cost of the urn further.


The craftsmanship involved to produce the urn such as the design, or even special personalised engravings are usually associated with an additional fee. Cremation jewellery can also be purchased and is a nice smaller option for those wishing to carry their dearly departeds ashes along with them.

Where to buy urns

There are many different places where you can purchase urns, such as funeral homes, specialized artisans and online retailers such as us. Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to purchase a receptacle or urn from the funeral home themselves. They will be more than happy to store your loved ones ashes for you in any urn of your choosing. 

Funeral Stores

If you purchase your urn through a funeral store, you have the convenience of being able to see the urn beforehand. This convenience comes at a cost, as they are known to charge high prices even for basic urn designs. Funeral stores usually rely on people believing that they have to purchase their urn through them, as well as people who will take the first option presented to them.

Specialised Artisans

Specialised artisans can craft some truly beautiful and unique pieces, but they are generally quite expensive and may take a while to produce depending on the time involved and the craftsman's backlog of work. 

Online Retailers

Online retailers will have the biggest range and options for you at the best prices, but will be subject to delivery times. That is why Eternal Urns offers free express shipping on any order as a way to combat this issue. Purchasing your urn from an online retailer is a great choice for people unable to leave their homes, or for those who would prefer not to talk to someone while they are mourning.

Tips for buying urns

  • Always check price versus material, you don't want to be overpaying for an urn that isn't the quality you expect
  • Do your research on different options that will suit you
  • Choose a high quality urn if you can afford to, you want an urn that will last a lifetime
  • Try to find something that would have meant a lot to the deceased, something that would reflect their personality. Customisation can help with this


Buying an urn for your loved one is a difficult decision not to be made lightly. By discussing different factors that affect the price of your urn, such as the material used and where you choose to purchase from, has hopefully has made things easier for you. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available at reasonable prices, so check out our range today.