How do you Open a Plastic Cremation Container?

3 plastic cremation containersWith the passing of a loved one, many questions can arise such as what to do now or how to hold the procession. One question that often gets asked during this difficult time is how to actually open the plastic cremation container in which your loved ones ashes are stored. While they should be made in an intuitive way, most people struggle opening these receptacles. This article will discuss the way to open these containers as well as other helpful tips. 

So, how do you open it?

Many plastic cremation containers are designed so that there is a visibly protruding circle on the end. The best method of opening these containers is to use a tool in order to pry open this circle. A flathead screwdriver is a preferred tool for this endeavour though any tool that you have lying around can be used to pry open the circle provided it is done so in a safe manner. Once you have opened the container, your loved ones ashes should be exposed and ready to be transferred to a more suitable receptacle such as an urn. It is important to note that you should ask your funeral home or crematorium that handles the ashes on the best method of opening your container as the containers themselves may vary from place to place. Some funeral homes give them to you in a box with a sealed plastic bag inside which contains the ashes.

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What to do with your ashes?

There are multiple different options you have available on how to handle the ashes. For one you can always place the ashes in an urn. As mentioned before, sometimes you can be given the ashes in a sealed plastic bag. Most people just put the entire bag itself inside the urn, so as not to worry about spilling the ash. If you are given a receptacle in which there is no plastic bag but only ash, then you will want to be careful pouring the ashes into the urn. It is recommended to do this indoors away from any fans, with a mat or tray to help catch any ashes you may spill. After this you can decide whether to display your urn or bury it instead. You can also elect to purchase keepsake urns, which are small urns designed to hold only a part of the ashes. These keepsake urns are perfect for families who don't live together yet still want to hold onto a remembrance of their loved one. Another similar option is keepsake jewellery, which is jewellery designed to hold a small portion of your loved ones ashes. They are usually necklaces but can also come as rings or wristbands. Keepsake jewellery allows you to hold onto your loved ones ashes and carry them around with you, keeping them close to you on your day to day. Finally you can choose to scatter your loved ones ashes in their favourite place in life. You can purchase scattering tubes in order to help carry and scatter their ashes in a more ergonomic and elegant way. If you need to send the cremation ashes either locally or internationally, there may be some rules or regulations you need to follow. 

Losing a loved one is a difficult period in anyone's life so knowing how to open the container with their ashes as well as what to do with those ashes is an important step in handling them after their passing. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.