How to Scatter Ashes From a Scattering Tube

Losing a loved one is never easy, but finding the perfect way to honour their memory can bring comfort and closure. One beautiful option for commemorating a cherished individual is through the gentle act of scattering ashes from a scattering tube. This article will show you what a scattering tube is as well as the best way to prepare and complete a scattering ceremony for your loved one.

What is a Scattering Tube

A scattering tube is a specially designed container that holds your loved ones' cremated ashes for the purpose of scattering them in a location of your choice. Scattering tubes come in a variety of designs and sizes so you can find one that will suit your loved ones personality. Scattering tubes provide families a convenient and ergonomic way to transport and scatter the ashes of their loved one during the scattering process.

Unlike traditional urns, scattering tubes are specifically crafted for dispersing ashes in outdoor settings such as at a garden, on the ocean or in a park. The possibilities for location are quite endless. They offer ease of use with secure caps and perforated lids that provide for a controlled release. Scattering tubes allow families to honour their loved ones’ wishes by providing a simple yet elegant vessel for the final farewell. At Eternal Urns, we have a wide range of various scattering tubes perfect for any scattering ceremony.

Preparing for the Scattering Process

It is essential to take some time to plan and gather everything you need for the scattering process of your loved one's ashes. Start by checking the weather forecast for the day of scattering, ensuring that the weather is in good condition for the ceremony. Consider bringing along any special items such as flowers, candles, or memorable objects to create a peaceful atmosphere and to truly set the stage for a meaningful occasion.

Make sure to check the legal viability of scattering in your chosen location. Most councils will let you scatter the ashes without worry but it is always best to check with the local council and obtain permission.

Bring along the scattering tube containing your loved one's ashes with care and reverence. Handle it gently as you approach the chosen spot where their remains will be released back into nature.

Choosing the Best Location

When choosing the best location to scatter your loved one's ashes from a scattering tube, it's essential to consider their wishes and preferences. Think about places that held significance for them, perhaps a favourite park, beach, or any other location they always admired in life. A backyard scattering can also be a great option for homebodies or someone who took pride in their house. Whatever location is special to you and your family, and most importantly your loved one, will be the best location you can choose to complete the ceremony.

Choosing a scattering tube to scatter the ashes of your loved one is a meaningful and personal way to honour their memory. Remember, it's essential to prepare for the scattering process by ensuring you have all necessary permissions in place. Take time to choose the best location that holds significance for you and your family, where you can find solace and peace and make it a truly memorable and honourable send off for your loved one. As Australia's largest urn and scattering tube store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality scattering tubes available, so check out our range today if you are in need of one.