Everything you Need to Know About Keepsake Urns

Multiple small keepsake urns with different designs and coloursLosing someone close to you is a difficult point in life for anyone to go through. What can make it even more difficult is deciding how to handle their end of life care. Multiple people will have loved the recently deceased, but what can we do when everyone wants to have a part of them as a remembrance? That is where keepsake urns can help, and this article will tell you all you need to know about them and more.

What are keepsake urns?

Keepsake urns are a small urn designed to hold a portion of your loved ones ashes. Keepsake urns can be transported easily due to their size. They can come in different materials, shapes and designs. A lot of keepsake urns can be found in the same design as a regular adult sized urn, only scaled down. Depending on the keepsakes design, varying amounts of ashes can be held but the overall function of them is the same.

What is the purpose of a keepsake urn

There are multiple reasons why you should consider getting such a small urn. For one, keepsake urns are the perfect idea for multiple families and friends who want to hold onto a remembrance of their loved one. Not everyone lives together in a family, so it is a nice thought for everyone to have a special part of their loved ones in their home. Keepsake urns are also perfect to send to family or friends who live interstate or overseas. They are small so shipping and handling fees will be minimal compared to other urns. Keepsake urns can be held and carried discreetly, so you can keep your loved one close to you in your daily activities. Keepsakes don't always have to come in the form of an urn. They can come in different shapes such as hearts, jars and others. Keepsake urns can also be used if you plan on scattering the majority of the ashes. This way you can keep just a small amount of your loved ones as a remembrance. Keepsake urns are also perfect for people who don't like the look of a regular urn in their house, so a small remembrance that can be tucked away into a drawer or shelf can be the best option. 


A popular alternative to keepsake urns is cremation jewellery. Cremation jewellery has a similar purpose as it is made to hold a small amount of ash. The difference is that it is unassuming jewellery that can be worn in any setting. It is a discreet way to carry your loved ones ashes with you. Cremation jewellery is a really beautiful and touching way to keep your loved ones close to you after they pass.

Keepsake urns are a fantastic way to honour your loved one. They allow you to give the gift of remembrance to anyone who loved them. Whether you elect to purchase a keepsake urn or cremation jewellery, we hope this article has helped explain the purposes of each.  As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality keepsake urns and cremation jewellery available, so check out our range today.