Three Ways You Can Keep Your Loved One Close With Cremation Jewellery

A cremation necklace, ring, and bracelet, with the caption "ways to keep them close"Losing a loved one can be difficult and it is completely natural to want to keep them close to you even after they pass. Keeping your loved ones close to you through cremation jewellery can be a great way of remembering them and moving through the grieving process. This article will discuss three different ways that you can keep your loved one close to you after they pass. 

Cremation Necklaces

One very popular and symbolic way of keeping a loved one close is through cremation necklaces. This type of cremation jewellery usually comes in a variety of designs and materials. Materials such as stainless steel, Sterling silver, gold plating and all sorts of other durable and viable materials. Depending on the retailer or funeral home, the cremation necklace you pick can come in various different options regarding material. At Eternal Urns, we like to provide as many options as possible when it comes to cremation necklaces as ultimately we want you to find the perfect option for you and your loved one. Cremation necklaces also come in various designs, from simple and elegant to stunning and extravagant there is something for everyone. A common theme with cremation necklaces and most cremation jewellery is that the compartment to store the ash is hidden within the pendant and is not obvious from an outside perspective. This is good for people who want to grieve and keep their loved one close while not attracting any unwanted attention. Most pendants on cremation necklaces will unscrew to allow the storage of a small amount of cremation ash. The ash a pendant holds is never suitable to store the full amount of ash from a cremation ceremony, so we recommend scattering or purchasing an urn for the remainder of the ash. Cremation necklaces are a great way of keeping your loved one close as the pendant naturally sits close to your heart, leading to a symbolic and touching reminder of all the special memories you two shared.

Cremation Rings

Another popular and touching way to keep them close is through the use of cremation rings. Similar to their necklace counterpart, cremation rings normally have a small screw that opens for the ash compartment. Cremation rings also only hold a small amount of ash in this compartment. They can also come in a range of materials and designs and so plenty of options are available. Cremation rings are a great way of keeping your loved one close as they are physically on your hand so you can tangible feel them and know they are with you always.

Cremation Bracelets

Finally, cremation bracelets can also be used to keep your loved one close. They are a meaningful and beautiful way and normally come in adjustable sizes so you can wear them on your wrist or even around your ankle as an anklet. The ashes themselves are stored in the charm of the bracelet and only a small amount is held. As with the previous two types of cremation jewellery, the ash that can be held is not suitable for the full amount received from a cremation. Therefore, it is recommended to scatter the remnants of the ashes or buy an urn to store the rest. 

These are the three most common ways people use cremation jewellery to keep their loved ones close. Whether you choose a cremation necklace, cremation ring or a cremation bracelet you can be sure to find the right one for your loved one. As Australia's largest urn and cremation jewellery store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation jewellery available, so check out our range today.