Personalising Cat Urns: Adding Photos, Engravings, and Other Tributes

Silver urn with engraved cat paw prints on left, blue cat shaped ceramic urn on right

Losing a cat is a difficult and emotional experience. It can be a challenging time losing your feline companion so many cat owners choose to honour their beloved pet’s passing with a personal tribute, such as a personalised urn. Cat urns provide a final resting place for a cherished feline companion, and can be customised with a variety of different features to make them unique and meaningful. This article will discuss the different ways you can change your cat urn to make it a truly special resting place for your feline friend.


One popular way to personalise a cat urn is to add a photo. This can be a favourite snapshot of the cat, a professional photograph or even a funny one if your cat was a little goofball. Many cat urns come with a special insert for a photograph to be added. If you select a cat urn with no space for a photograph, there is nothing wrong with still placing a framed photograph of your cat next to the urn. A photo adds a personal touch to the urn and helps to keep the memory of the cat alive. Adding photos of them to your urn is a great way of honouring them. Personalising with a photo is helpful in the grieving process too as a way of coming to terms with their passing. Many have found using urns to help with the grieving process with the passing of their loved ones.


Another way to personalise a cat urn is to add an engraving. Engravings can include the cat’s name, dates of birth and death, or a special message. Engravings can be done on most urns and the font and style can be customised to match the design of the cat urn. Engravings provide a permanent and elegant tribute to your beloved cat and help make the urn feel more like it belongs to them.

Style and design

Some cat owners choose to add other customisations to their cat urns, such as paw prints or whiskers. These can be cast in metal or made from other materials and attached to the urn. Many cat urns will come with such features and it is up to you to decide what styles you prefer. Other popular cat urns include small figurines or sculptures of cats, either in a realistic or exaggerated fashion.


When choosing a cat urn, it is important to also consider the material of the urn. Cat urns are available in many different materials. The material you select will affect many qualities such as its durability, longevity and style. Material will also determine what colours are available. Metal urns can usually be found to have every colour while wooden urns may be more difficult to select the colour you like. Ultimately, you should select the material and colour that matches your cat's personality and something you like as well. 

Custom urns

One option for cat owners who want to personalise their cat urns is to work with a custom urn designer. Custom urns can be designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the owner, and can incorporate a wide range of personalization options. Custom urns are available in a variety of materials and designs, and can be created to match the exact specifications of the owner. While this may suit some, custom designers can also take a long time to make their urns due to a backlog or the craftsmanship needed. 

Cat urns provide a final resting place for a beloved feline companion, and can be personalised with a variety of different features to make them unique and meaningful. Adding a photo, engraving, or other feature to a cat urn can help to keep the memory of a beloved cat alive, and provide comfort to those who are grieving. When choosing a cat urn, it is important to consider the material, design, and personalization options to truly make your urn special. A personalised cat urn can provide a lasting tribute to a cherished pet, and help to keep their memory alive for years to come. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cat urns available, so check out our range today.