How to Scatter Ashes at the Beach

Scattering tubes next to palm treesLoss is a traumatic event that almost all of us will have to deal with at one point or another. When we lose someone close to us, we want to make sure that their final goodbye can be truly special and commemorative. This wish to make an honourable final goodbye has many people wanting to scatter their loved ones ashes at the beach in a beautiful end of life ceremony. But how do you scatter ashes at the beach? That's the question this article will answer as well as giving you some alternatives and tips that can help with the process.

Can I just scatter my loved ones ashes at any beach?

While it may seem like you can, you actually need to make sure to obtain permission for the council in charge of the area. Beaches are public land so even though it is a biologically safe practice, you still must obtain permission before conducting your scattering. Most councils will allow this so make sure to contact them well before you plan on scattering the ashes.

Okay I have permission, how do I scatter the ashes?

There are multiple ways to scatter ashes at the beach. It is up to you to decide which method will suit you, your family and friends, and most importantly your loved one the best. If you are set on scattering the ashes with the wind, then you will want to purchase a scattering tube which is made specifically for that purpose. Scattering tubes are an elegant and ergonomic way in handling, transporting and scattering your loved ones ashes. We provide high quality and eco friendly scattering tubes as well as other funerary items here at Eternal Urns

Wind scattering

Once your loved ones ashes are in the scattering tube, bring them with you to the beach. Make sure to go at a time when it is windy, so that the ashes will disperse beautifully back into nature. Some people also like to bring some snacks or a prepared lunch to the beach to help ease the grief of their passing. When you are ready to scatter the ashes, make sure you face away from the wind so that the ashes will not blow back into you or your family and friends. Puncture the hole in the scattering tube and release their ashes from about waist height.

Tidal burial

A tidal burial is another beautiful way for you to say farewell to your loved one. For this you will want to dig a shallow hole in the sand when the tide is out, then pour your loved ones ashes inside. You'll then cover it with sand and can either stay to watch the tide come in and take them away or leave knowing they will be reclaimed by nature in a loving farewell.

Ocean reclamation

An ocean reclamation is a really touching way to say goodbye. For this method you will need to purchase a biodegradable sea urn in order for it to work. Biodegradable sea urns hold your loved ones ashes and then dissolved once placed into a body of water. You can either do this at the beach, or charter a boat to send off your loved one in deeper waters. 

Scattering your loved one is a difficult yet necessary farewell process. With knowledge of the legality as well as some alternatives, we hope this article has helped you and your family find peace in this difficult time. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns and scattering tubes available, so check out our range today.