What are the Rules on Scattering Ashes in Australia?

Scattering tube with word "rules?" on rightLosing a loved one is difficult and planning their end of life ceremony can be even more so. Sometimes It's hard to know exactly what they would have wanted, especially if there was no written will. One really special option that many Australians are choosing is to scatter their loved ones ashes in their favourite place. Whether that place was at the beach or at the end of their go to hiking trail, rules and regulations need to be followed to ensure you are legally allowed to do so. This article will discuss what you can and cannot do in terms of scattering ashes as well as some other viable alternatives.

Where can you spread ashes?

Spreading ashes essentially depends on who owns the land on which you are about to scatter them on. If you want your loved ones ashes buried in a memorial garden, you will need the funeral directors permission and this can be quite pricey. Your backyard however is completely free as long as you have the permission of your landlord. If you want to spread the ashes on the beach then you will need to contact the local council of the area for permission as beaches come under public land. Private land such as farmland will need the permission of the owner of the property to ask to use their land in order to scatter your loved ones remains. Scattering tubes are a really ergonomic and elegant option to help you scatter your loved ones ashes.

What else can you do with ashes?

If scattering your loved ones ashes no longer feels like a good option for you, then you can always elect to purchase an urn for them. Urns are an incredibly touching way to honour your loved one and pay a loving tribute to them. They come in many different styles and materials so you will definitely be able to find the perfect urn for your loved one. They are also highly customisable and can be personalised to make your loved ones final resting place feel that much more special. If you are in need of an urn, we provide high quality and beautiful urns here at Eternal Urns

If urns are not your style, you can always consider burying your loved ones ashes as mentioned before. Before you bury their ashes, you may want to consider keepsake urns. Keepsake urns are tiny urns designed to hold a small amount of ashes. These are good if you don't want a big urn in your home, or if the ashes need to be given to other people such as your loved ones’ friends and family. Cremation jewellery is another option that fulfils a similar purpose, as it is jewellery designed to hold a small amount of ash. This lets you carry your loved ones ashes with you wherever you go.

Whether you decide to scatter your loved ones ashes or not, you now know the legality and responsibilities in doing so. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns and scattering tubes available, so check out our range today.