The Enduring Legacy of Stone Urns for Loved Ones

Three stone urns, one adult and one keepsake sized orange intricate marble urns on the left with a plain white marble urn with three horizontal lines on the right.

Stone is one of the oldest materials used in urn creation. It is a popular and famous material that has been used by the Romans and other ancient civilisations. They are a great way to honour your loved ones passing and are incredibly durable and strong. This article will discuss the many benefits of choosing a stone urn over other popular urn materials.

Strengths of stone urns

One of the most important positives of purchasing a stone urn is their durability. Stone urns are resistant to most forms of damage including shattering, scratching and cracking. They make for a popular choice for families that have kids or pets around and give peace of mind knowing that any mishaps won't result in a shattered or damaged urn. Other urns using traditional materials such as aluminium or brass are usually as durable as stone urns, but will be more prone to scratching in the long term. Ceramic urns are usually scratch resistant, but are incredibly prone to shattering. This makes stone urns the top choice for durability.

Marble is also a type of stone commonly used in urns. Marble urns attract a very regal and elegant look to them and are usually made with high quality craftsmanship. They can have beautiful natural variations such as onyx, alabaster, teak wood, and fossil marbles and can look truly stunning. Marble urns have the same characteristics as other stone urns, with the added benefit of having a beautifully regal and classy look to them.

Another benefit of stone is that it’s an easy material to maintain and can last for many years if maintained properly. Stone urns are not as porous as other materials, so a quick wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning will not impact the integrity of the stone. If the stone urn loses its shine after a few years, you can use a glass or stone cleaner to refresh its look as needed. The cleaner must not have acid though as that will damage the stone. Partial sunlight is also fine for stone urns, but it is generally recommended to be kept out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. It is also recommended to keep your stone urn indoors.

Negatives of stone urns

One reason you may not want to purchase a stone urn is due to the price. Stone urns are much harder to work with than traditional aluminium or wooden urns. The material price itself also tends to come at a higher price point. Different grades of marble such as grade A marble can also increase the price significantly. Due to these factors, genuine stone urns will come at a higher price compared to traditional urns. While they do look truly stunning, they are not a good option for families with a tight budget.

Stone urns are a great option for families who want to celebrate their loved ones life with a truly special urn. They come in many different varieties and are very hard wearing, durable and easily maintained. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality stone urns available, so check out our range today.