The Benefits of Choosing a Ceramic Urn

Two ceramic urns with the white left one having a vertical striped pattern and the right blue one has a floral design with whitee flowers.

The loss of someone you love is a very stressful and difficult time. You will have to consider things you never thought you would,like should your loved one be buried or cremated? If they are to be cremated, will the urn be buried or displayed, or will the ashes be dispersed somewhere? It’s hard to know the correct answer to these questions, especially if it is your first time dealing with this type of tragic event. A lot of your decisions will come down to your own personal preference while also keeping in mind what the deceased would have wanted. If you choose the path of purchasing an urn, you will find there will be many different varieties involved. These urns will be made out of different materials and have various styles. One popular urn material that has been used for centuries is ceramics. Ceramics are a typically hard and chemically non-reactive material that is formed or densified with heat. Ceramics are also used for more than pottery and urns. Clay, bricks, tiles, glass, and cement are other examples of where ceramic is used. Ceramic urns can be found to have some of the most fascinating and touching designs in the urn space. This will primarily be focusing on the benefits of choosing ceramic urns over other common urn materials.


This section of the article will discuss the major benefits in choosing a ceramic urn.


Ceramic urns can be some of the most unique and interesting designs within the urn market. Most aluminium, brass or wood urns generally come in the traditional urn look. While there may be some variances in those materials, they will largely follow the same pattern of style. The differences in these urns usually comes from the design and colour that is used for the urn, but with ceramic urns the entire shape of the urn is changed too. Many ceramic urns come in various shapes such as holy angels, cute cats, or an urn that doubles as a candle holder. The reason ceramic urns are more unique is because the material itself is easier to mould into wonderful shapes than other materials like metal or wood.

Aesthetic appeal

There are other reasons why a ceramic urn may be aesthetically pleasing to most. One such reason is that the colour in ceramic urns are usually very vibrant and eye-catching. Ceramic urns usually attract a more modern and contemporary look as opposed to traditional urns, though traditional ceramic urns can also be found.

Scratch resistant

Ceramic urns, due to their material, are incredibly scratch resistant. This is a good quality to have as handling of urns can produce scratches in some cases, so it's nice to have that peace of mind when you purchase your ceramic urn


While there are a lot of benefits when purchasing ceramic urns, there are still some considerations to keep in mind, which will be discussed below.

Prone to shattering

While ceramic is extremely durable and can resist scratches and common damages, due to the molecular structure it is not resistant to shattering. If a ceramic urn falls onto a hard surface from a few feet or more, there is a good chance that it may shatter. Ceramic urns can be quite brittle in comparison to other popular materials such as metal or wood, and would be a bad option for someone who lives with kids or pets and hasn't got a safe space to place their ceramic urn.

Ceramic urns are a great option for someone looking to purchase an urn for a loved one. If you're looking for something that can be really unique and beautiful, ceramic urns are the way to go. With the variety, aesthetic appeal and scratch resistance of ceramic you can now see why ceramic urns are such a popular choice. Though they are not for everyone due to their brittle nature, ceramic urns should still be considered a top contender in your decision when purchasing an urn. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality ceramic urns available, so check out our range today