The Eco-Friendly Urn: A Sustainable Choice for Human Ashes

Biodegradable wooden urn on left, with two biodegradable paper urns on right, one small and one large

Climate change has been called a disaster by many scientists for the human race. Since the industrial revolution, CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from humans have been rising rapidly and permanently scarring our climate. Scientists expect this worsening of the climate to degrade more so in the next 10 to 50 years if left unchecked. This has made many people aware of how their own actions impact the environment. Humans are now exploring ways to efficiently reduce their own carbon footprint and a recently popularised method has been the use of eco-friendly urns such as biodegradable urns. This article will discuss the benefits of using a biodegradable urn as opposed to other urns and end of life rituals.

What is a biodegradable urn

Biodegradable urns are urns that are made to break down easily over time. Ashes inside the urn are also a biodegradable substance and so eventually, the earth will reclaim the entirety of the urn and its contents. This is opposed to urns which use traditional materials such as aluminium or brass. They are carbon intensive to produce and do not break down as easily, if at all, as biodegradable options. Biodegradable urns use materials such as bamboo, salt, recycled paper, wool fibre, compacted peat and coconut shells. Some biodegradable urns can be used for water burials, and will disintegrate in a 3-5 of minutes after being placed into water. Others even come with a seedling attached to them, which allows a tree to sprout from them after a while if cared for properly.

Other eco-friendly options of note include scattering tubes which are generally made out of a biodegradable cardboard. These are tubes which are meant to safely transport and subsequently disperse the ashes of your loved one. Due to their temporary nature, scattering tubes are made to be biodegradable so that they can be disposed of afterwards. They are a great option for those considering to scatter their loved ones ashes. 

What are the benefits?

Selecting a biodegradable urn has many benefits.Apart from being the most eco friendly option as discussed before, they can also save your family a lot of money in funeral expenses. Traditional burials can cost families upwards of $10,000 and can be a very devastating blow financially. Cremation costs aside, biodegradable urns are much more affordable in this regard. They can range anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars depending on design, material and retailer. 

Another benefit of biodegradable urns is they can give a touching sense of closure to the family. They are a tangible way of providing comfort and a final goodbye to families who have lost their loved one. They give the same sense of closure as a traditional burial with the added benefit of knowing their remains will be reclaimed by the earth. This is as opposed to traditional burials which often use embalming fluids and caskets made from non biodegradable materials that release harmful chemicals into the environment. 

Biodegradable urns can be used for pets too. Whether your lovely furry companion was a dog, cat, rabbit or anything else, they can usually be found to have complimentary designs and sizes. Biodegradable pet urns are a great option for an eco-friendly family. 

Biodegradable urns are an eco-friendly option for human and pet ashes that offer families a way of honouring their loved ones while also caring for the environment. They are a cost effective, viable alternative to traditional burials and also a great way of providing comfort to a grieving family. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality biodegradable urns available, so check out our range today.