A Tribute to a Precious Life: The Significance of Infant Urns

Blue ceramic teddy bear urn on left with pink heart ceramic urn on right

Losing a child is tremendously hard. To cope with such a loss is a heartbreaking and challenging journey. It is a time for grief but also a time for reflection and remembrance. When an infant or child passes, parents may choose to obtain an infant urn for their precious child. In this article, we will discuss the significance of infant urns and how they benefit parents and families who have experienced such a loss.

Types of infant urns

Infant urns are small vessels designed to hold the cremation ashes of a child, infant or baby. They can come in a variety of materials including wood, aluminium, brass or ceramic and can usually be personalised with the child’s name, date of birth and other meaningful details. It's a great way to make the urn feel more special and meaningful. Urns can come in different colours and designs too, we like to recommend picking a colour that was a favourite of the childs if they had one. Sentimental designs can also be a good choice, such as a teddy bear, angel or love heart to add a stronger personal touch to the urn. Cremation jewellery is also another form of container which allows the parents to carry around a small amount of ashes with them, always keeping them close to their hearts. 

The significance of infant urns to the parents

Infant urns provide a physical space in which the remains of the child can stay, and in doing so allow parents to feel closer to their child by having a tangible reminder of their little one. This also provides the parents with a way to honour the child's memory. Most parents personalise their childs urn with more than an engraving, sometimes choosing to place their child’s favourite toy or a picture of them next to the urn. This is important for parents as they may not have many memories to hold onto, so providing any amount of tribute to their memory can be highly beneficial. Infant urns also help to provide a sense of closure to the parents which helps greatly in the grieving process. 

The significance of the urn to the child

The urn can also be important for the child as a way of honouring and remembering them. It allows a legacy to be built for them and a touching reminder of the brief but powerful impact they had on others. The urn also serves as a designated space for other friends and family members to pay their respects and offer condolences. It is a truly special way of appreciating their life and showing that although they may be gone, they are not forgotten. 

Infant urns hold significant value for their parents and for the families who have experienced the loss of a child. They offer a tangible way to honour and remember a precious life, and provide a sense of comfort and healing during a tremendously difficult time. Personalising the urn and including special mementos can help memorialise their life and also help the parents in the grieving process. We hope this article has helped highlight the importance of infant urns and we wish you the best of luck through this difficult journey. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.