Urns for Pets: Honouring the Memory of Your Beloved Furry Companion

White urn with paw prints on left, blue cat shaped urn on right

As a fellow pet owner myself, we all know that a special bond is shared between ourselves and our pets. Pets truly become a fundamental part of our lives. They bring us true companionship which makes it so much harder to let go of them. The life expectancy for humans is much longer than these common household animals, so it is an unfortunate reality that we must confront the challenging time of their passing. It is never easy to deal with a loving pet's departure, but one way that has helped many pet owners is by honouring their passing and making their place to rest comforting. Many pet owners have turned to using pet urns as a way of accomplishing this. In this article we will be looking at ways to honour your furry companions memory and how to select the perfect urn for them.

What are pet urns?

Pet urns are urns designed to hold the cremated ashes of your pet. Pet urns come in many different sizes, shapes and materials and can be very customizable. The materials they come in include aluminium, wood and ceramic which can often be made in cute pet shaped moulds. They can also be quite customizable such as including a space to place a photo of your pet or a special message. This can be a special way to commemorate their life and make the urn feel like more of a personal item.

Why are pet urns important?

Pet urns are an important purchase to make as it is a way of honouring your pets life. Losing a pet is hard, and is never something one can be ready for. Pet urns can also be a great way of helping you move through the grieving process. The pet urns provide a tangible reminder of them and can help provide you with a sense of closure. Pet urns are a wonderful way of keeping your beloved pet in your life in a spiritual sense.

Choosing the right urn

Selecting an urn for your pet is a difficult choice with many important factors to consider. Where will the urn be displayed? Will you want your pet urn to be a prominent feature of your home or will it be tucked away somewhere? Will the urn even be displayed or will it be buried? This is what needs to be thought of before selecting the urn, as it will determine your budget and choice of urn stylistically speaking. If the urn is to be buried, you may want to select a simple wood urn or biodegradable urn. If you prefer to display the urn, then you'll want to have something that embraces your pets personality or looks in some way. Some people like to engrave their pets name on the urn, or put their favourite toy next to the urn. A popular option is to get an urn with engraved paw prints as a cute little ode to your furry friend. 

What you'll also want to consider is the budget, which is closely tied to material. Materials such as wood can be more affordable than most ceramic or aluminium options. You'll want to make sure you shop around as well as there are many urn retailers, most which sell similar urns for varying prices. Another thing to consider is size, most pet urns are designed to hold the ashes of a standard sized cat or dog, but a larger dog breed may not be able to have all its ashes placed in the one urn. In these instances you can consider dispersing the extra ashes or placing them in keepsakes for others to hold on to. 

Another option to consider is cremation jewellery, which can also come in pet themed alternatives. Cremation jewellery are pieces of jewellery designed to hold a small amount of your pet's ashes or even hair, which can then be worn out as a way of always keeping your pet close to your heart. Cremation jewellery is usually made as necklaces but can come in other forms such as rings, earrings or wristbands. 

Losing a pet is a difficult time in anyone's life so it is important to find a way to honour their memory and keep them close to you. Using an urn to hold your pets ashes can be a truly meaningful way to pay tribute to their life and the bond you shared. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality pet urns available, so check out our range today.