Wearing Memories: Cremation Jewellery Used to Keep your Loved Ones Close

Two rosegold cremation jewelleryLosing someone you love can be an unimaginable pain. The pain and grief is overwhelming and life becomes extremely difficult to not have that person close to you anymore. The need to keep them close to us is still there even if they no longer are. This is why many people have turned to cremation jewellery as a way to keep their dearly departed by their side. This article will discuss the many benefits of cremation jewellery and the reasons why this one niche item has become so popular as a way of keeping your loved ones close.

What is cremation jewellery

Cremation jewellery is a broad term that covers jewellery intended to keep a small amount of cremated ashes or hair of a deceased person or pet. Cremation jewellery can most commonly be found as pendants and necklaces but also come in other forms like rings and bracelets. As a loved one is cremated, their ashes are normally stored in an urn with any excess ash being scattered or buried. Cremation jewellery can come in many different materials and styles, plated or solid precious metals and can even feature precious gemstones such as diamonds. They are generally intended to look as a standard piece of jewellery with no defining feature to reveal their true purpose. Cremation jewellery allows you to carry your loved ones ashes with you in a dignified way so that you can keep them close to your heart in your day to day.

What are the benefits


One of the primary benefits in cremation jewellery is the way it helps some through the grieving process. You can never be prepared to lose a loved one which means you won't be accustomed to them not being by your side anymore. Cremation jewellery offers a tangible way of keeping them close to you. It has helped many people knowing that their loved one is still by their side spiritually and physically. Cremation jewellery helps people move to the acceptance stage of the grieving process in a comfortable and calming way. 


Cremation jewellery can also be quite customisable, allowing you to match the personality of your loved one. You can usually find pendants that can be engraved with the important and meaningful details. This will make your piece feel more personal to you and more relevant to your loved one. Some of the more intricate or detailed pieces can be hard or impossible to personalise. An option for these types of pieces can be to include a separate plate or pendant on the same chain that can be engraved with those details. 


There are so many different options in the cremation jewellery market from rings to pendants to bracelets. With this many options available, picking the perfect jewellery piece won't be an easy feat. Selecting a piece of jewellery that symbolises your loved one is important. It can make the piece feel truly special to you and honour their memory too. If their favourite colour was purple, you might want to purchase a pendant with a shining, beautiful amethyst as the centrepiece. If they liked sports, perhaps their favourite sports team colours.

Heirloom value

Cremation jewellery can also be passed down to your children and future generations of your family. With this comes a perfect way of telling the story of who that person was in life and why that piece is so special. It lets a family keep the memory of their loved one by passing down the heirloom through generations so that everyone can share in the story of their life. Cremation jewellery is also something that will be worn with pride as most pieces carry a beautiful, elegant and timeless look to them. Cremation pieces can be worn in most settings and do not stand out as distinctly different from any other piece of jewellery. 

Cremation jewellery is a wonderful way to celebrate your loved one’s time on this earth. While they may be gone now, you know that a piece of them will always be close. Cremation jewellery is a great method of dealing with grief. It is also highly customizable, versatile and can be passed on to your family for generations. As Australia's largest urn and cremation jewellery store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality cremation jewellery available, so check out our range today.