Collection: Custom Urns

One of the best things we can do when it comes to memorial items to remember our loved ones fondly after they pass is to personalise the item. Our custom cremation urns page showcases our collection of urns that are best suited to customisation utilising the full scope and details of the urn. Some cremation urns can be too difficult to engrave due to the intricate nature of their design so we have hand selected the urns that provide you the most options when it comes to personalisation.

At Eternal Urns we know that your custom cremation urn needs to be done to the utmost standard, and so each of our custom urns are made of high quality materials and workmanship to ensure they will last a lifetime. We use a top of the line laser engraver to provide you with some lovely preset designs drawn from expert artists. If you desire, we can also engrave any custom design or epitaph you wish for onto your urn. Simply email and attach the image of your choice and we will engrave the image onto your cremation urn for a small fee. 

With your urn customised to your exact wishes, you can't go wrong with our wide range of elegant designs that are sure to suit your style. Browse through our range of custom cremation urns and see what design will suit you best, or send through your favourite design and we'll handle it for you.