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Glass urns are stunning vessels which offer a unique combination of artistry and sanctuary for your precious memories. Glass has a luminous beauty and elegance other cremation urn materials are unable to match, making glass urns some of the most sought after vessels.

At Eternal Urns, each glass cremation urn in our collection is a unique work of art, its intricate patterns and designs a reflection of the skill and care put into its creation. The material's natural transparency allows the contents within to be bathed in a cascade of light, creating a mesmerising display that captivates the heart and the imagination.

But glass isn’t just beautiful, its also incredibly durable. While the strength and resilience of glass are often overlooked, within the sanctuary of a glass urn, your memories will be cradled and shielded from the elements and the ticking of time. 

Browse our full collection of glass cremation urns today and choose a timeless resting place for your precious loved one.