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At Eternal Urns, our collection of water burial cremation urns are meticulously crafted to honour your loved ones final journey with dignity and grace. These urns are designed to provide a serene and respectful farewell, blending timeless artistry with environmentally conscious materials. Each water burial cremation urn is biodegradable in any body of water, from fresh water rivers and lakes to the briny beach or ocean.

Our water burial cremation urns are available in a variety of designs so you will be able to find something to suit you and your loved one perfectly. Made from biodegradable and eco friendly materials, they offer a gentle option for those who wish to commemorate their loved ones life in a way that honours their connection to the natural world.

As your water burial cremation urn gently floats and gradually sinks after a time period, it allows for a tranquil and poignant farewell, providing a moment of peace and reflection for your family and friends. Trust in our collection to offer a beautiful and sustainable option for your final farewell, creating a lasting legacy that honours both your loved one and the planet.