How to Personalise an Urn for a Unique and Meaningful Tribute

Two brown traditional urns side by side, with the right urn having a love heart and text engraved under the heart. The text reads "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever"

Personalising an urn can be a lovely way to honour your loved one. Traditional urns can be beautiful but will not always be suited to their personality. Custom urns are a wonderful way of making sure your loved ones resting place is fitting for them. In this article, we will discuss how to personalise an urn for a unique and meaningful tribute.

Choosing the right urn

The first step in personalising an urn is to choose one that will serve your customisation needs in the best way. There are a variety of urns available on the market from simple and traditional to ornate and decorative. Consider the personality and taste of your loved one when selecting an urn. If your loved one was a nature lover, an urn with a floral or nature-inspired design may be the right choice for them. You may want to choose a ceramic urn as they can easily be painted and decorated, which would be fitting they were an artist. 

Consider the material

When personalising an urn, it's important to consider the material. Urns can be made from a variety of materials. Each material has its own unique properties and can be personalised in different ways. Some are also more customisable than others. For example, a wooden urn can be painted, engraved, varnished and cast with resin while a metal urn can usually only be engraved. A ceramic or glass urn can be painted and etched. They can usually be found to come in more unique and artistic shapes too. This is why material should be one of the first factors to consider when choosing the urn.

Add personal touches

Once you have chosen the right urn, it's time to start thinking about personal touches you can add. Ways to personalise an urn include adding a photo, engraving a message, or attaching a special charm or trinket. If photos sound like a nice touch to you, there are plenty of urns, particularly wood urns, that have inbuilt slots to hold photographs. If you prefer an urn without this but still would like to include a photo, that's fine too as most people like to place a framed picture of the person near the urn. Engraving a message onto the urn is another great option for customisation, as it allows you to include a special message or quote that was meaningful to your loved one. Basic information such as their name and date of birth/death can also be included. Adding a special charm or trinket can also be a unique way to personalise an urn. For example if your loved one was a music lover, you may want to attach a guitar charm to the urn or place their favourite vinyl album next to the urn.

Include meaningful symbols

Including meaningful symbols is another great way to personalise your urn. Symbols can represent different things, such as love, peace, or spirituality. Some popular symbols include hearts, doves, crosses, or angels. Including a symbol that was meaningful to your loved one can add an extra layer of personalisation to the urn. This can usually be done by engraving a specific design onto the urn. 

Get creative

Personalising an urn is a great opportunity to get creative. There are no set rules or guidelines, so feel free to explore different options and let your creativity guide you. You may want to paint the urn with your loved one's favourite sports team's colours, add special embellishments or include a special poem or quote that was meaningful to them. 

Personalising an urn as a way of remembering your loved one and all the fond moments you shared. Knowing the difference between material, choosing the right urn and adding your special touches will help you be able to make a truly special resting place for your loved one. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.