What to do With Unwanted Cremation Ashes?

Blue urn on left with word "unwanted" on rightNot everyone wants to keep the cremation ashes they receive after a funeral. While most people prefer to keep their loved ones ashes in an urn, buried, or scattered at their loved ones favourite places, we know this isn't always the case. Sometimes you are stuck with ashes you don't want to keep for a variety of different reasons. This article will detail all the different things you can do with cremation ashes, unwanted or not.

How to just get rid of ashes

You can get rid of cremation ashes in a multitude of ways, some in a respectful manner and some not so much. If they are unwanted, then you will probably want to forgo the purchasing of an urn as they can be expensive. You will also want to avoid burying the ashes as funeral land space can be a big expense as well. Once you receive your ashes from the funeral home or crematorium, you can consider scattering them as a final goodbye. Scattering tubes can be bought as a convenient way to transport the ashes so that you can scatter them in a place of your choosing. You will need to check on the rules and regulations regarding scattering as they may vary from your state or territory. The most simple method to dispose of unwanted ashes is to throw them in the bin. While this may seem disrespectful to some, for others it is just a practical and cost effective way to dispose of ashes. This would be the best option for people who are pragmatic or not particularly fond of the deceased. Before you dispose of the ashes this way, it is best to check with the family if anyone would want to hold on to them. The best thing to do with unwanted ashes is to look for ways to save on a cremation.

Other ways of handling the ashes

If you decide against disposing or scattering the ashes then you are left with a few more choices. One popular choice is to put your loved ones ashes into an urn. There are a huge variety of different urns in the market with varying materials and styles. There is almost always a perfect option for your loved one, and we here at Eternal Urns strive to provide the most options and best quality for our customers. Urns are a great option for Aussies who wish to pay their respects to their deceased loved one by giving them a place in which their family can still mourn them. Urns don't always have to be displayed, they can also be buried beneath a tombstone or even buried in your backyard. Keepsake urns can be purchased in order to share them with family or friends. These are small urns that only hold a small amount of ash so everyone can have a way to remember them. Keepsake jewellery also serves a similar purpose. Usually necklaces, but can also be found as rings or earrings, keepsake jewellery holds a small amount of ashes which allows you to carry your loved one around with you. If these options still don’t sound suitable for you or your family, then scattering their ashes in one final farewell ceremony may be the best thing you can do. It will provide a lovely sense of closure and will help you and your family in the grieving process. 

Whatever option you decide to choose, we hope this article has helped to clarify and outline what options you have. Whether you just want to get rid of the ashes or pay your respects in a final tribute, the choice is yours. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.