Unique Ways of Expressing your Loved Ones Personality and Interests Through Urns

Blue fishing urn on left with bronze soccer ball urn on rightLosing someone close to you is a horrible period in anyone's life. Unfortunately it is something we must all experience at one point or another. When such a tough event occurs, it is made tougher due to the fact that one must consider how to prepare their body for the afterlife. With such high funerary expenses associated with burials, many Australians are looking towards cremation as a suitable alternative. Even with cremation, considerations must be made as to how the person's cremains will be handled. Will they be scattered or stored? What sort of urn is suitable for your loved one? This article's primary focus is to give you unique and meaningful examples of ways to express your loved one's personality through their urn. 

Why expressing them is important

Showcasing your loved one's personality is a great way to make the urn feel like it's truly theirs. While getting a general, plain urn is a great choice that we provide for many people here at Eternal Urns, we always recommend considering personalised urns. This is because we find that urns that are more personal to your loved one feel better to display at your home and help remind you and your family of who they were in life. Having a more personalised urn can also help with the grieving process. There are many ways to personalise an urn such as through the use of symbols or even depictions of important parts of your loved ones life.


One great yet subtle way of displaying your loved ones personality is through the use of symbols. There are many different symbols commonly found with urns, ranging from trees, to infinity symbols and anything in between. Symbols can mean lots of different things to different people, but it's certainly worth considering them if they happen to really resonate with your loved one. Infinity Urns are urns that can really have a special meaning. They represent the eternal cycle of life and death and can have very deep sentiment for those who valued their spirituality. Another symbol that's perfect for spiritual people are Crescent Urns also known as moon urns, represent the moon and its waxing and waning cycles. This also has a similar meaning to life's cyclical nature, and represents the eternal slumber of passing that the night and moon are closely linked to. Tree Urns are perfect for your nature lovers and those who believe in reincarnation. There can also be the tree of life, thought to come from the old Norse concept of Yggdrasil, the world tree. These trees are a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Lighthouse Urns are a great choice for those with an affinity to the sea. They represent the guidance one must have in order to traverse through the afterlife. There are many great options to represent your loved one in a unique symbolic way, but let's look at some other ways this can be achieved too. 


One common way to express someone is by representing an important part of their life. This can be anything from their job to their favourite hobby or even sport. Whatever their passion was in life, an urn can usually be found to represent that part of them. 


What we do in our free time is usually our favourite things to do in life, so what better way to remember someone than by their favourite hobby? Perhaps they were an aspiring lead guitarist, in which case a Guitar Urn would be perfect for them. Fishing .Maybe their interests were of a more historical nature, particularly when it comes to Scandinavian history which would make a cool Viking Urn an incredibly unique send off. What if they were just the type of person to make everyone have a laugh? A Funny Urn would be exactly what they would have wanted. Car Urns are the perfect choice for that gearhead who just couldn't wait for that next mod to arrive in the mail. If they had more of a preference for the bikes instead, then perhaps a Motorcycle Urn would be more suitable.  Fishing Urns are great for those who love spending their afternoons casting a line and waiting for bites.


Some of life's most exciting moments happen in sports. When your footy team is losing with almost no hope of recovery, and they come back to clinch the grand final in the last quarter is one of the best feelings on the planet. Football Urns are best for the type of fan who never stopped barracking for their team. If their favourite sport was rugby however, then look no further with Rugby Urns. Golf Urns are perfect for those who liked to spend their weekends on the green, aiming for that prestigious hole in one.


Though we dont always love our jobs, they are what we do in order to provide for our families. Some people are blessed to work in a job they truly love. Mechanic Urns are truly unique urns for those who spent their life with greasy and dirty hands just to make sure that 4 door sedan worked perfectly. Train Urns are for those who made sure that their train arrived on time and safely each and every day, or for those who just simply love trains. Without trucks, Australia stops and so that's why Truck Urns are the perfect choice for those who made sure Australia kept running. 

There are plenty of Unique Urns out in the market, meaning there are thousands of different ways to express your loved ones personality onto them. It's important to make your urn represent them in whatever way you can, as it will truly feel like you're making their final resting place a special one. As Australia's largest urn store, Eternal Urns has an extensive range of the best quality urns available, so check out our range today.